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Celebrating your love and commitment by documenting a meaningful and intentional experience that is personal, honest, and completely reflective of you.

Specializing in Small Intimate Weddings, Elopements, Engagements, and Surprise Proposal Photography.



The day you choose to get married should not conform to any expectations. This day is for you and your partner, the experience you intend to have, and for commemorating the love you have for one another. Do you want to be as present in the moment as possible? Not worrying about anything else but enjoying and celebrating one of the most important, and emotional days of your life?

This day is for you and that is all that matters!


To elope is to have an intentional wedding celebration that is specially catered and tailored to you! The purpose is to have a meaningful and intimate experience that reflects you and your relationship and that revolves and focuses entirely on the two of you, free of expectations.

It is about being in the moment with one another, not worrying about all the specific details, all the hundreds of guests, and all the possible things that can go "wrong". Elopements still require planning and a timeline, however, there is a little more flexibility to go with the flow of the day and everything else will fall naturally and authentically as it should.

You deserve a one-of-a-kind wedding celebration because your relationship is one-of-a-kind!

Moraine Lake Elopement, wedding day in Banff National Park, Alberta.

"Eloping is to have a meaningful and small intimate wedding experience that reflects your relationship."


Why do people get married and have a wedding? It is about celebrating the love and commitment between two individuals. Eloping is the same except the focus is entirely on you and having a meaningful, intimate, and intentional wedding experience.

Consider eloping if:

  1. You want the wedding day to just be about the two of you.
  2. You want the wedding day to be free of stress, anxiety, and pressure.
  3. You value the experience of getting married over everything else.
  4. You want the wedding day to be done in your own way, on your own terms.

Does this sound like you?

BC mountain views during bride and groom's wedding day portraits.

NOW ImaGINe YOU are with YOUR favourite person...

You are smiling so much that your cheek hurts.

Your stomach hurts from endless laughing.

Your heart aches because you are just so in love with them.

You want time to stop because you want this moment to last forever.

With that in mind...

  • Where would you two be? Is there a place that makes you feel so lucky to be alive and living your best life?
  • What would you two be doing? Is there an activity or a particular experience that brings you two the most joy or that you want to experience together?
  • Would there be someone else with you? Is there anyone else that you want to be in this moment with you and make it even more memorable than it already is?

THIS CAN BE the day you get married!

Hi, Pauline here!

Your friend, photographer and professional third-wheeler

There are some images from my childhood that when I see them, I am brought right back to that moment in time. Triggering a memory that has been stored deep within my brain. Yet it brings out the same emotions as if the image was just taken.

I want to photograph those moments. The moments that you look back on and be instantly sparked with all the emotions from that day like it was yesterday.

Being able to give that special gift to my clients is something I will forever cherish.




Snowy Winter Marriage Proposal Engagement Photography in Stanley Park, Vancouver BC

Suzette & Rodolfo

"Pauline was absolutely amazing! From the beginning everything ran smoothly thanks to her. I initially contacted her regarding her availability for a surprise proposal, she responded the same day and scheduled a call for further planning. A week before the proposal Pauline and I spoke to iron out the final details. She answered all the questions I had and addressed all my concerns about how to best capture the moment. The day of the proposal arrived and so did a winter storm. I received an email from the location I was planning on proposing at saying that due to the weather they would be closed for the day. As you can imagine I immediately began to stress and felt the day was ruined. But... Pauline saved the day!!! She had not one but three back up locations! I immediately felt at ease. Pauline could not have done a better job at capturing what we felt in the moment. The photos came out amazing and they are truly magical. We truly truly love them and so did our families. Looking at the gallery takes us back to that special moment and it is truly something that we will cherish for many years to come. I simply can't recommend her enough! I joke with my fiancee that I am going to call off the engagement to literally just to propose again and have Pauline be our photographer again, that's how great and happy we our with Pauline's photos. If you are looking for a sign to book Pauline for your surprise proposal or wedding this is it! GO BOOK HER RIGHT NOW!"

UBC Rose Garden Wedding Couple Portraits

Tamarra & Kevin

"When I first proposed, the first thing we agreed we needed to decide on was our photographer. Luckily this came as one of the easiest decisions for vendors that we could have had and we wouldn't hesitate to make it again. Pauline was unbelievable to work with making the entire process a breeze. She was flexible with all the COVID changes and she totally understood my laid-back approach while completely laying to rest any unease my organized fiancé might have. She went above and beyond on the wedding day capturing all our special moments and evenings staying additional time when we ran late. We will cherish the photographs forever. One of the best surprises was the turnaround! Beautifully edited, I never expected them so quickly. I've since recommended her to several other couples for their weddings who have had experiences just as phenomenal. We will be sure to be making the most of Pauline for all our future life events!"

Summer Sunset Golden Hour Couples Photoshoot in Downtown Vancouver Stanley Park

Michael & Cristina

"I hired Pauline to photograph my husband and I on a “date-night” in Stanley Park. It was our first time in Vancouver and I wanted someone to capture some of the natural beauty of the area, while also having a fun photography session. Without any knowledge of the area, I leaned on Pauline to pick the perfect spot and based solely on my ideas through a Google Meet. She totally delivered on the location, both cityscape and mountains. Pauline was very easy to communicate with in the days leading up to the shoot, and always replied quickly to emails and texts. On the day of the shoot, we could not have been happier with how easy-going, friendly, and prepared she was. Pauline knew the best spots to take photos within Stanley Park, and was all about making us feel like ourselves - we laughed and chatted the entire time. Without a doubt, the best part was when our photos were delivered by Pauline. As we looked through the photos, it was amazing to see the little details she captured without us even noticing her snapping away! The way she captured the light during sunset was beautiful, and we can’t wait to display these photos throughout our home. I highly recommend Pauline to anyone considering getting photos done! I wish she lived in my area so she could be my go-to family photographer!"


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