There is probably still a misconception that eloping is the same as getting hitched, the idea of running away to Vegas and getting married in secret and spontaneously. However, it is so much more than that! An elopement is an intentional wedding celebration that is specially catered to and tailored to the individual couple. The purpose is to have a meaningful and intimate experience that reflects the couple's relationship and that the day revolves and focuses entirely on the two of you, free of expectations, particularly the opinions of others.

It is about being able to be present in the moment with one another, not worrying about all the specific details, all the hundreds of guests, and all the possible things that can go "wrong". Elopements still require planning and a tentative timeline, however with fewer people involved, there is more of an opportunity to go with the day and everything else will fall naturally and authentically as it should.

"Eloping is to have a meaningful and intimate wedding experience that reflects the couple's relationship."


Why do people get married and have a wedding? It is about celebrating the love and commitment between two people. Eloping is the same except the focus is entirely on the couple and the intentional experience.

Consider eloping if:

  • You want the day to just be about the two of you.
  • You want the day to be free of stress, anxiety, and pressure.
  • You value the experience over everything else.
  • You want the day to be done in your own way.

"Eloping is all about celebrating the love and commitment between two people."




Close your eyes. Imagine you're standing with your partner staring into their eyes. You are so in love and the happiest you could ever be. Now look around you, where are you? It doesn't necessarily have to be a specific location, it could be the vibe and feeling you get, or it could be the overall vision of the day.

Make it an activity with your partner and dream of this perfect intentional celebration together. Imagine all the possibilities and what will be the most meaningful and special to you.



Here is the step where it's time to get a little bit more detailed and realistic. Open up your browser because Google will be your best friend. Go in-depth and find everything you will need to know about what will work for the two of you.

Consider the marriage laws and requirements, does the location require a permit? What would be the best time of year in that location? What is the weather normally like? Are there any activities you want to incorporate on the day?



Now that your list is narrowed down. It's time to decide, inquire and book. Everything single detail does not have to be set in stone except the larger decisions such as the date and general location.

This is a great time to think about if this celebration will just be the two of you or if will you invite a few guests. Is there lodging available and will it work for the date and location? These are big decisions but you and your partner will know best if the decision speaks to you and tugs at your heart.



Finally, the part where everything seems to be more tangible and falling into place. Time to fill in the details and make sure the logistics of the day make sense.

This can easily get overwhelming so my tip would be to create lists, excel sheets, mark due dates on a calendar, or whatever you prefer to keep everything organized. Build a timeline of your day and include all the details you would need so nothing gets missed.



All that time and effort spent has led up to this point! Time to enjoy and celebrate the hard work and be as present with your partner in this incredible moment of your lives. Acknowledge that although everything has been done to make sure it goes according to plan, sometimes it just doesn't and that is completely okay. Think back to why you're eloping in the first place, it's to have an intentional celebration of your love and commitment. Everything else is just the cherry on top.

Eloping in British Columbia specifically?

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More Elopement Questions, Answered!

Can I invite friends & family?

Go back to the purpose of having an elopement. Will having your close friends and family there enhance your day and make it even more memorable? If so, absolutely! I would recommend keeping the total number to 15 guests or less to keep the day and experience intentional.

How is an elopement different from an intimate wedding?

One of the main differences is the number of guests invited. An intimate wedding typically involves more guests than an elopement but fewer than the traditional full wedding. Another difference is that an intimate wedding may involve some of the same wedding day timeline activities such as having a reception, the first dance, cake cutting, speeches, etc. The focus with both, however, is still on the couple and their love and commitment to each other.

Will hiking be involved?

Your elopement is entirely up to you and what will best reflect your relationship with your partner. Elopements do not have to be up in the mountains and in the backcountry. It can be wherever and whatever you wish! If you two love going kayaking together let's plan some shots of you two kayaking! If your ideal date involves eating pizza, hey let's go eat some pizza! Want to exchange your vows in the backyard of your parents' home? Let's do it!

Do you travel?

At this moment I only offer elopements in Canada. I am based in Vancouver, but I am open to traveling throughout Canada. The country is beautiful and there are many hidden gems in every province and territory.

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