Photographing surprise marriage proposals have become one of my favourite types of sessions. I personally love giving surprises so this is totally up my alley. I love getting to know stories ahead of time because it makes it even more special for me to be a part of. Capturing the couple's love in its most raw, vulnerable and authentic moment is something that can not be put into words.

This particular marriage proposal of Paola & Michael was incredibly special. Their love story is so wild and one of a kind. It really shows how a few decisions that we make could potentially alter our life story, but at the end of the day, we have the ultimate choice to put in the effort and make the relationship work and flourish. These two flew from San Francisco to Vancouver for their 4 year anniversary. They have been to Vancouver before and their last trip here was already super memorable so Michael wanted to come back and make the city even more unforgettable for the two of them.

Michael chose Brockton Point Lighthouse for the location because of the variety of water and mountains. It provides a nautical feel making this a very popular tourist spot for anyone heading to Stanley Park. After a short mini couples portrait session at this location, we ended the session at Halleluiah Point. This section along the seawall in particular provides more views of the city skyline and some greenery as well. There are so many fantastic photo spots in Stanley Park making it a very popular location for any type of shoot.

Thank you again to Paola & Michael for sharing such a beautiful moment with me, I am forever grateful to been able to capture it for you.

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