At the top of my list of bucket list photoshoots have always been a snowy session and I finally was able to capture one! I personally LOVE how dreamy the snow is. Many of my favourite places to travel to always involve snow in some form. Anywhere with ice-capped mountains, you can assure I will be the first to sign up. I get that this is not the weather condition for everyone but trust me when I say it's stunning and worth it! When you're blessed with a couple that is open to brace the cold and frolic in slippery conditions, the results are absolutely magical images.

Some tips for couples and photographers:

  1. Plan ahead! - Check if reservations are required, check the road conditions, and make sure your car can handle the snowy and icy road conditions. We did see an abandoned car on the way down as it slid off the main road and hit the side barrier, drive safe!
  2. Dress appropriately - We want everyone to be safe! Wear shoes with some grip, depending on the weather, the snow can be icy and slippery to walk on. Luckily during this shoot, the falling snow made it easier to walk since it was lightly packed with more traction. Clothing is totally up to the comfort of the couple but I recommend darker colours that stand out in the snow. Wearing something comfortable can also allow for more fun playful poses and activities!
  3. Bring hand warmers - If it's cold out and we want to show off the engagement ring, the couple's hand and fingers will definitely get cold so having hand warmers can be a game changer! Similarly, consider stick-on body warmers or toe warmers.
  4. Bring a towel - Anything that can help dry off the face, body, clothes, and gear when it gets too damp can make a huge difference!
  5. Take breaks and allot extra time - Taking breaks can be an opportunity to warm up if it gets too cold or too wet. Leave extra time not only for the shoot itself but getting to the photoshoot location itself.
  6. Bring a friend/assistant - Having an extra set of hands can be super helpful on any shoot but even more so on a shoot like this. We were lucky to have the sister of the groom-to-be tag along. She was able to hold the coats and jackets of the couple while we moved between locations.
  7. Start with the must-have images - While the couple is still relatively dry and the make-up and hair have not been impacted, take all the must-have images and details first before the real fun and frolicking begins. Consider choosing locations that are covered or semi-covered such as under thicker trees.


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