I'm not going to lie, I wasn't sure this session was going to happen. Not only was it pouring rain, but it was cold! I'm always up for a challenge but I was hesitant. When I met my couple Adrienne & Tyler they were totally up for it and trusted me to execute and capture this exciting session. I am so thankful for them and for couples that are ready to go with the flow and welcome whatever comes our way because in the end, it turned out so well and we stayed relatively dry! :)

Some tips for couples and photographers:

  1. Bring clear umbrellas - Not only will this help keep the couple dry, but it can offer more flexibility to be in the rain and embrace the weather!
  2. Bring a waterproof bag - Photographers, this could be a rain cover for your backpack; having a bag that you can put on the wet ground to hold all your belongings is super helpful. I was able to place my couple's coats on top of my rain-covered backpack with an umbrella on top to keep everything dry, worked so well!
  3. Find a location with covered options - This will help with the variety of images as not all of them will include umbrellas in the shot. It's also an opportunity to take cover in case the weather gets worse.
  4. Bring a towel - Most helpful after the session but it can be helpful during the session if anything gets too wet, such as the face, body, clothes and gear.
  5. Wear something you don't mind getting dirty - Thankfully, most things can be washed and cleaned, however, I would recommend especially for the ladies to wear something that is relatively inexpensive. In this session, Adrienne was willing to let her dress hang down and get wet. Because the dress was long enough, she was also able to wear boots that kept her feet relatively dry and warm.
Granville Island engagement photography couple photoshoot.
Granville Island in Vancouver engagement photoshoot.
Wet and rainy Granville Island engagement photoshoot.
Rainy engagement photography in Granville Island, Vancouver, BC.
Rainy couple photoshoot in Granville Island, Vancouver, BC.
Autumn rain engagement session in Granville Island, Vancouver, BC.
Vancouver fall rain engagement photos in Granville Island, Vancouver, BC.
Granville island couple photography session.
Granville island couple photography session.
Granville island couple photography session.
Granville island couple photography session.
Engaged couple kissing in the rain under umbrella gif in Granville Island.
Couples photography in the rain, in Granville Island.
Couple kissing in the rain under umbrella in Granville Island.

We all want that perfect golden hour sunset weather but we can only have so much control at the end of the day. Remember that it's about the experience, and the weather is part of that experience. Trust your gut, trust the process and trust one another. The objective is to capture the couple's relationship and love for each other, and that can be done no matter the external circumstances!


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